Endpoint Detection
and Response (EDR)

An effective Endpoint Detection and Response solution is a critical tool to defend against zero-day attacks, supply chain vulnerabilities, and other common cybersecurity threats. Let our expert cybersecurity analysts take the stress out of selecting, implementing, and seamlessly integrating your EDR solution.

Benefits of LMG Security’s Endpoint Detection and Response Integration:

Environment & needs analysis

Rapid deployment

Industry leading technology

Integration by cybersecurity experts

Why EDR Should be a Cybersecurity Priority

LMG Security’s endpoint detection and response solutions are a key component of an effective cybersecurity program. EDR is now a foundational cybersecurity defense solution that is frequently recommended, and sometimes required, by regulatory, insurance, and private sector customers and partners. EDR provides attack surface monitoring and delivers:

  • State-of-the-art protection that goes beyond antivirus capabilities
  • Automated threat identification – Detect and eradicate threats in moments
  • Fast and effective incident response tools that help minimize damage
  • Foundational cybersecurity that helps you meet regulatory, insurance, and third-party requirements and recommendations


Why choose LMG Security for your endpoint detection and response needs? LMG’s unique expertise ensures that EDR fits perfectly into your existing—or growing—cybersecurity program for optimal protection.

LMG Security’s team is uniquely qualified to deploy and manage EDR. We provide:

  • Curated EDR solutions, including CrowdStrike and others – your cybersecurity consultant ensures you get a strong, scalable solution that works well with your existing environment
  • Trained and certified deployment consultants on staff
  • A cybersecurity expert to ensure your EDR implementation reflects the latest best practices and seamlessly integrates into your broader cybersecurity program

Our Services

LMG Security partners with industry leaders, such as CrowdStrike, to offer the best and most effective endpoint detection and response solution on the market. Our solutions are offered as both complete managed programs and as standalone products, so you can decide what fits your organization.

LMG Security’s endpoint detection and response services include:

  • Environment & needs analysis – We analyze and recommend the best fit from among our curated solutions
  • Integration with your existing cybersecurity program and tools
  • Annual configuration reviews, timely updates and expert advice
  • Reliable protection that fits within your budget

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An endpoint detection and response solution is a critical component of an effective cybersecurity program. Wherever you are in your cybersecurity journey, our experienced team can help you find the right solution to protect your organization. Contact us to learn more.