Authentication With Duo

Duo multi-factor authentication is a cybersecurity tool that can dramatically decrease your organization’s risk of a breach from top attack vectors such as phishing, business email compromise, cross-cloud attacks, and more! LMG’s cybersecurity experts deliver a customized implementation that ensures your Duo multi-factor authentication solution is configured to reflect today’s cybersecurity best practices, seamlessly integrates with your tech stack, and strengthens your overall security posture.

LMG’s Duo Multi-Factor Authentication Services Include:

Implementation Services

Configuration Services by Cybersecurity Experts

Console Management

Technical Support

Employee Training

Optional Single Sign On

Why Should Your Organization Use Duo Multi-Factor Authentication?

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is one of the quickest and easiest ways to reduce your risk of a data breach. MFA stops criminals by requiring users to utilize a second means of confirming their identity.

In one common example, a criminal steals a user’s password in a phishing attack. But when the criminal tries to use the password to sign into the network, they are asked to respond to a prompt on their smartphone app. Since the criminal does not have the phone, they aren’t able to access the account and steal your data.

While there are many different options for implementing MFA, LMG is pleased to offer Duo’s MFA solution. A strong Duo implementation can quickly improve your organization’s cybersecurity and be customized to your organization’s needs. Whether you would like your MFA to use a simple text, hardware tokens, biometrics, or other means, we can help you deploy a solution that’s both secure and easy-to-use.

For more information on MFA, you can review these educational materials:

Why You Should Choose LMG Security for your MFA Implementation

LMG Security’s cybersecurity implementation services simplify your life while strengthening your organization’s cybersecurity. Here’s why you should choose LMG’s Duo multi-factor authentication services:

  • Cybersecurity experts implement, configure, and support your solution to ensure an installation that meets or exceeds all cybersecurity best practices, seamlessly integrates with your solution stack, and ensures you get the maximum value from your Duo multi-factor authentication solution.
  • Reduce the burden on your internal team (who are already overcommitted) and benefit from the unique insights provided by cybersecurity experts that go beyond the experience of IT generalists.
  • LMG can provide additional services such as user training, support, and console management that ensure your MFA solution rollout is quick and painless.
  • LMG Security is a Duo Managed Service Provider and Duo Security Solution Provider.

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Multi-factor authentication is a quick, easy way to reduce your organization’s risk of a data breach. Contact us to discuss how quickly and easily you can be up and running with a Duo MFA solution.