Find your security gaps before the criminals do. Let LMG’s world-class penetration testing services team put your systems to the test, so you can sleep well at night knowing your security vulnerabilities have been identified and eliminated. Our expert, certified team of ethical hackers not only put your environment through rigorous security tests, they also generate easy to understand reports with actionable advice on how to improve your organization’s security posture.  


External Penetration Tests

Your Internet-facing servers are less than 300 milliseconds away from nearly every attacker on the planet. Make sure they’re locked up tight!

Internal Penetration Tests

Are you protected from insider attacks? If an employee workstation gets infected, what sensitive information is at risk?

Mobile Application Tests

Mobile applications store the keys to your bank accounts, email, and cloud apps. Make sure they are secure so your data is secure on the go.

Automated service enumeration and software fingerprinting

Vulnerability scanning to identify weak spots in your systems

Up-to-date tools that check for tens of thousands of known vulnerabilities

Manual examination of your systems for security issues, logic flaws, authentication bypass issues, and other vulnerabilities

Controlled exploitation in order to uncover weaknesses and security issues


The average cost of a data breach is on the rise, and LMG’s penetration testing services are an effective and affordable way to strengthen your security and prevent a damaging breach. Annual penetration testing is a best practice for all and a requirement of many compliance and regulatory frameworks.  

During a penetration test, ethical hackers simulate a cyberattack to uncover security gaps such as: 

  • Unpatched vulnerabilities 
  • System misconfigurations 
  • Sensitive data exposure 
  • Authentication and session issues and more 

The security of your organization can come down to one vulnerability: with just one foothold, attackers can worm their way through your network to gain full access and control. To learn how this takeover works, read our blog: Penetration Testing Services Team Says It Often Comes Down to One Missing Patch. The goal of a penetration test is to identify vulnerabilities in your systems’ security, validate they are exploitable, and exemplify the risk these vulnerabilities create for your organization. 


LMG Security’s penetration testing services team is made up of world-class experts. Our consultants are trained to think outside the box (just like hackers) and stay up to date on the latest exploits—the threat landscape is constantly changing, and new vulnerabilities are being identified every day. In this manner, we identify issues that automated scanners do not detect—but hackers can. 

We offer flexible penetration testing services that can include web apps, cloud environments, mobile devices and more. These access points are often overlooked sources of risks and hackers are targeting all of them. In addition, LMG Security offers full transparency and accessibility so you can understand how your penetration test works, exactly what your ethical hackers found, and how to resolve your vulnerabilities. LMG Security will deliver a full report that includes: 

  • Executive Summary 
  • Methodology 
  • Top Risks 
  • Remediation Matrix 
  • Detailed Technical and Non-Technical Findings 
  • Recommendations, along with Links and Resources 

You’ll also have the option to work with LMG Security’s expert consultants to prioritize and remediate your vulnerabilities to strengthen your cybersecurity posture. 


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