Can hackers break into your network or mobile devices? Let LMG’s crack team of certified penetration testers put your systems to the test, so you can sleep at night. Using sophisticated, cutting-edge tools and techniques, we identify vulnerabilities and demonstrate how they can be exploited. Our experienced testers know how to test safely and effectively, and communicate with you throughout the test so that you stay in the loop.


External Penetration Tests

Your Internet-facing servers are less than 300 milliseconds away from nearly every attacker on the planet. Make sure they’re locked up tight!

Internal Penetration Tests

Are you protected from insider attacks? If an employee workstation gets infected, what sensitive information is at risk?

Mobile Device Penetration Tests

When a laptop, tablet or cell phone is lost or stolen, can attackers get your data? Attack detection and response: How quickly does your security monitoring team detect and block attacks?

Automated service enumeration and software fingerprinting

Vulnerability scanning to identify weak spots in your computers

Up-to-date tools that check for tens of thousands of known vulnerabilities

Manual examination of your systems for security issues, logic flaws, authentication bypass issues, and other vulnerabilities

Controlled exploitation in order to demonstrate weaknesses and security issues

LMG’s consultants are trained to think outside the box (just like hackers) and stay up to date on the latest exploits. In this manner, we identify issues that automated scanners do not detect—but hackers can.


LMG Security will deliver a full report that includes:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Methodology
  3. Top Risks
  4. Remediation Matrix
  5. Detailed Technical and Non-Technical Findings
  6. Recommendations, along with Links and Resources