Our clients benefit from the relationships that LMG has built with leaders in a variety of industries. We team up with insurance providers, law firms, network security hardware and software manufacturers, and other consultants to bring you the very best quality service.


Security by design: Technium builds and maintains secure transport of your company’s intellectual property. Born from Internet Service Provider (ISP) space, Technium provides the technology, process, and humans needed to properly maintain your network and increase your security posture. Our approach to Understand, Fortify and Operationalize meets the security needs of companies from SMB to Enterprise, as we provide greater visibility, security analysis and constant improvement in line with industry best practices as a true extension of your team.

Surefire Cyber

Surefire Cyber is redefining the incident response model by delivering a swifter, stronger response to cyber incidents. Their client-centric approach reduces stress and provides clients the confidence they need to help prepare, respond, and recover from cyber incidents – and to fortify their cyber resilience after an event. Their purpose built model includes full end-to-end incident response, digital forensics, negotiation, and restoration capabilities. is a team of C-level professionals with decades of executive experience leading technology teams across financial and health care industries. They deliver innovative technical services and expertise helping guide your organization through compliance, regulatory requirements, and best of breed technology practices.


Tenable, the Exposure Management leader, supports 40,000+ global organizations in comprehending and mitigating cybersecurity risks. Offering cross-environment visibility, they prioritize risk and facilitate continuous exposure reduction, ensuring organizations stay proactive against evolving threats.


CrowdStrike safeguards the core elements of modern enterprises, defending against breaches, ransomware, and cyber attacks. Powered by top-tier security expertise, the single-agent solution, Falcon, is a cloud-delivered platform designed to halt various attacks, including sophisticated methods like exploits and credential theft. Falcon integrates next-gen antivirus, EDR, threat intelligence, threat hunting, and security hygiene into a compact, cloud-managed sensor for effective, lightweight protection.


KnowBe4, the new-school security awareness training platform, ensures your users stay vigilant against cyber threats. Access on-demand, interactive training and unlimited simulated social engineering attacks via email, phone, and text. With a KnowBe4 subscription, benefit from the world’s largest security awareness training library, featuring constantly updated content for measurable results.