In the world of cybersecurity, “nothing” means: no viruses, malware, breaches, files stolen, emails pilfered, confidential information compromised, fines or penalties for failure to comply with regulations. Our personal commitment to preventing hackers from compromising the networks of our clients is reflected in all that we do.

Nothing makes us prouder than when absolutely nothing happens.


Achieve compliance and strengthen your security posture with LMG’s compliance and advisory services. Our professionals work closely with your staff to understand your organization’s unique needs

Let us help you make smart choices.


Digital evidence can make or break a case. Cell phones, laptops, desktops and network equipment can contain critical evidence that other attorneys may not even know about. Our team of experts can help you preserve, analyze and present digital evidence confidently.


From general security awareness training to specialized digital forensics courses, LMG helps to educate organizations and individuals on today’s most important cybersecurity topics.