Humans are often the weakest link in your information system security. Employees and customers are constantly bombarded with phishing attacks designed to trick them into clicking on malicious links, downloading malware or giving out confidential information. Fortunately, you can safely and effectively train your staff to resist social engineering attacks, and track your company’s performance through routine social engineering testing and statistical analysis of the results.

Email and web phishing:

Do your staff fall for phishing attacks? Test your employees’ resistence to phishing emails and malicious web sites.

Phone social engineering testing

Will your employees detect and report phone scams? Test your employees’ resistance to voice phishing, or “vishing.”

Routine testing

(ie. quarterly, semi-annual or custom): Track performance over time and see historical comparisons.


At LMG, we carefully track your employees’ performance and provide you with detailed reports, including visual graphs and charts, easy-to-read summaries, specific areas for improvement, and comparison with previous test results.


Our team has built custom, proprietary tools to produce statistics that will allow you to pinpoint specific high-risk groups within your organization, so that you can arrange for extra training. You can see results broken down by location, role, department, or a custom grouping. Receive visual charts and graphs which display current results compared with previous tests.