Automated service enumeration and software fingerprinting

Vulnerability scanning to identify weak spots in your computers

Up-to-date tools that check for tens of thousands of known vulnerabilities

Manual examination of your systems for security issues, logic flaws, authentication bypass issues, and other vulnerabilities

Controlled exploitation in order to demonstrate weaknesses and security issues

LMG’s consultants are trained to think outside the box (just like hackers) and stay up to date on the latest exploits. In this manner, we identify issues that automated scanners do not detect—but hackers can.


LMG Security will deliver a full report that includes:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Methodology
  3. Top Risks
  4. Remediation Matrix
  5. Detailed Technical and Non-Technical Findings
  6. Recommendations, along with Links and Resources


“Work was done promptly & efficiently. All involved were a pleasure to work with.”

Environmental Conservation Client

“I believe the individuals we have worked with at LMG are true partners with us. Much like how we work with our customers, LMG folks work side-by-side with us to reach our goals. Thank you!”

Web Development Client

“Willing to work with me and do what was requested. Very knowledgeable staff. I have already referred two other organizations asking about cyber forensic experts.”

Insurance Client

“Thorough, prompt, and reasonably priced.  We can’t say enough good things about LMG, their staff, and the offerings they provide.”

Biotech Client

“Professionalism and willingness to share knowledge of best practices to improve our business.”

Technology Client

“LMG was an essential resource providing key forensic research during a very sensitive data breach.”

Public School Client

“Constant communication and keeping us updated at all times before, during and after the testing. Great customer service from the initial emails, all the way through the delivery of the report!”

Government Client