Risk Assessment

Ransomware is one of the top threats facing organizations today, and it can be financially crippling for your business. Let LMG Security assess your risk of ransomware and provide actionable recommendations to reduce your exposure and mitigate the potential impacts if you are attacked.


Ransomware experts will evaluate & help you understand your organization’s risks for a ransomware attack.

You’ll receive actionable recommendations to reduce your ransomware risk.

Obtain policy and strategy recommendations to limit the business impact if you do experience a ransomware attack.


LMG Security’s experienced consultants will conduct a risk assessment focused on ransomware. We will analyze factors that can reduce your organization’s likelihood of being hit by ransomware and ways to limit the damage if you are affected.

In support of your risk analysis, LMG will:

  • Interview key personnel and management to understand your organization’s critical data and systems.
  • Review preventive security controls that can reduce the likelihood of ransomware, such as strong authentication mechanisms and phishing training and awareness.
  • Run external port scans to identify any exposed login interfaces, which are a primary attack vector for ransomware.
  • Provide a risk assessment report with actionable recommendations to help your team reduce ransomware risk and strengthen your overall security posture.


In addition to evaluating the risk of ransomware to your organization, LMG Security will assess factors that can affect the potential business impact if you do experience a ransomware attack.

As part of the impact evaluation, LMG will:

  • Review key access management protocols, including role-based and privileged access management, periodic account and permission reviews, detection capabilities, and more.
  • Assess your backup strategy, including offline storage, testing, and recovery processes.
  • Determine incident response preparedness.


LMG Security can also provide additional services to help reduce your risk. After evaluating your ransomware risk, providing a risk assessment report and recommendations, the LMG security team can provide training and response support.

Options for additional services include:

  • Evaluate segmentation of the network and determine how to separate workstations and servers to reduce infection.
  • Simulated phishing emails to test employees’ resistance.
  • Staff awareness training to enhance team knowledge of security concepts and skills.
  • Incident response tabletop exercises to prepare your team for potential attacks.


Wherever you are in your cybersecurity journey, our experienced team can help you create or refine a plan to build a strong security posture using the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. Contact us to learn more.