Our comprehensive tests include checks for:

Cross-site scripting

Input Validation

URL Manipulation

Code Execution

Hidden Variable Manipulation

Buffer overflow attacks

SQL injection

Authentication / Authorization Bypass

Session hijacking

Cookie Modification

Virus Detection

… and more!

The goals of your red team security tests may include:

Here’s how LMG’s red teaming works in 4 steps:


Our detailed reports include an executive summary, prioritized findings and remediation
recommendations that help you build a stronger network defense. LMG’s experienced team will

  • A test design and schedule for your approval
  • A post-mortem working session with your team to provide positive training and guidance
  • A detailed report that includes:
    • Executive summary
    • Overview of findings
    • Detailed methodology
    • Detailed technical findings, prioritized according to risk level
    • Recommendations for remediation

At LMG we believe in holistic security. We can also perform attack detection and response testing in
conjunction with our external penetration testing for broader vulnerability management across the
entire network.

For more information on our cyber attack detection and response services, please contact us.

For more detailed information on red team testing, please contact us