Cloud Security

Cloud services offer enormous benefits, from cost-effectiveness to simplified access. But cloud storage breaches are becoming all too common. While your provider is responsible for the security OF the cloud, you are responsible for security IN it. Our expert team can perform a cloud security assessment that identifies security gaps before attackers do. From analyzing your cloud provider’s security tools, to checking for misconfigurations that can lead to a damaging breach, our cloud security assessment enhances your security and delivers peace of mind.

With more criminals targeting cloud productivity and hosting platforms, it is vital to your business to make sure that you’re employing the best security possible. As cybercrime becomes more complex, you need to know that your employees are able to do their jobs and avoid falling victim to attacks. Reduce your risk of intrusions and data breaches with our cloud security assessment.

Microsoft 365

LMG Security can review and analyze your instance of Microsoft 365 to ensure that the environment is configured using best practice security controls. With more criminals targeting this platform, it is vital to your business to make sure that you’re employing the best security possible. We help you reduce your risk of intrusions and data breaches.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Security Assessment

LMG Security can thoroughly assess your AWS cloud infrastructure to ensure it adheres to industry-leading security best practices. In a landscape where security threats are ever-evolving, safeguarding your AWS environment is paramount for your business’s continuity and reputation. Our service is designed to minimize the risk of unauthorized access and data breaches, providing you with a robust security posture for your cloud assets. For more advice, don’t miss our AWS Security Best Practices Checklist. You can also watch our short videos on How is Cloud Data Protected? and How to Protect Yourself When a Cloud Provider Gets Hacked.

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