Continuous Attack
Surface Monitoring

Reduce the burden on your team and quickly strengthen your cybersecurity posture to catch zero-day vulnerabilities, missed patches and more when you engage LMG Security to implement a continuous attack surface monitoring solution. Our expert team implements and seamlessly integrates a solution that scans your systems to help you identify assets that are exposed or vulnerable BEFORE you are the victim of an attack.  


Deployment and Configuration

Routine “Tune-Ups”

Vulnerability Management

Remediation Support

Continuous Attack Surface Monitoring

In today’s threat landscape, monitoring your external attack surface is critical. LMG’s team can implement a continuous monitoring solution that scans your systems to help you quickly identify if assets are exposed or vulnerable. Protect your organization from vulnerabilities such as Log4j and more. Our solution: 

  • Continuously monitors your attack surface. 
  • Provides threat mapping, attack path analysis, and unified visibility of all assets and exposures.
  • Discovers unpatched vulnerabilities. Identify if you are at risk for a zero-day attack due to an unpatched vulnerability. 
  • Verifies patch status. Many organizations download and install patches but forget to verify installation. Many organizations discover their patch failed to install correctly after a data breach.  
  • Provides analysis of your cybersecurity risks & prioritized remediation. Some solutions can assess on-premises, web apps, and cloud assets to ensure you have a prioritized dashboard of current risks, so you know what to remediate first. 

Choose Your Level of Service

LMG’s programs ensure you can choose the service you need for your organization. We offer: 

  • Deployment and Configuration – LMG recommends the best solution for your environment and needs, then a cybersecurity expert installs and configures your solution, ensuring proper integration with your existing technology stack.  
  • Ongoing Maintenance – Our team will routinely check your configuration and ensure that it is up-to-date and detecting the latest vulnerabilities. 
  • Vulnerability Management and Remediation Support – Our experts will routinely review your scan results, identify false positives, and assist with tracking and remediation.  

Why Choose LMG Security's Continuous Attack Surface Monitoring Implementation Services?

LMG’s team of cybersecurity experts will ensure your continuous attack surface monitoring implementation is quickly implemented and seamlessly integrated with your existing tech stack.  You’ll receive: 

  • Implementation services, testing, and advice from cybersecurity experts. We help ensure your implementation meets or exceeds all cybersecurity best practices and seamlessly integrates with your solution stack. 
  • Effective configuration to ensure your solution is secure and easy-to-use. 
  • Faster implementation and a reduced burden on your internal team (who are probably already overcommitted) 
  • Access to additional services such as user training and support. 

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