LMG Security’s team of experts can make sure your remote workforce can safely and effectively do their jobs, while keeping the hackers out. From technical configurations to policies/procedures, we’ve got you covered. Our services include:

Consulting services are also available for other remote security needs and challenges.

Remote Security Cleanup

Due to the urgent situation, many organizations made changes outside of the normal security review and approval processes during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our cybersecurity experts understand that you needed to make changes, fast—and we’re here to help you find and correct any security issues while still maintaining the functionality of your remote infrastructure.

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Remote Access Configuration Review

Make sure your remote access is secure! Our team of cybersecurity experts will review your remote access configuration and security controls, identify any areas of weakness, and provide specific recommendations to ensure your setup is strong.

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Cloud Threat Hunting

Make sure your cloud environment is free from malicious actors and malware. LMG Security’s cybersecurity experts will provide proactive threat hunting for your cloud environment to identify, contain and eradicate malicious actors. Threat hunting can mean the difference between a secure environment and a compromised one. Catch bad actors quickly and secure your environment, fast.

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Remote Work Risk Assessment

Work with LMG to evaluate your current remote working environment and the controls you have in place. Receive a report outlining the important risks your organization currently faces from remote work arrangements.

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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Cloud Security Assessment

LMG Security will perform a security checkup of your organization’s VDI environment with emphasis on key vulnerability points. We use a cross-platform checkup methodology, so regardless of whether you use AWS workspaces, Citrix, Azure, etc., we have you covered.

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Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Security Assessment

Our team of experts will rapidly assess the security of your VPC environment and provide practical recommendations for security. This in-depth assessment includes a multilayer technical test, review of security controls and delivery of detailed findings and recommendations.

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VPN Configuration Assessment

LMG can make sure your VPN is properly hardened and configured to ensure remote connections to your network are secure. Find out what gaps and misconfigurations you might currently have.

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