Threat Hunting

Is malware lurking in your network without your knowledge? Modern threats such as fileless attacks bypass traditional antivirus and perimeter defenses by entering through vulnerabilities in your operating system or other trusted software. Our proactive threat hunting service looks for abnormal activity and evidence of intrusion to detect these sophisticated threats so that you can eradicate them.

Once you are breached, the average malware or hacker lurks in the network for almost 200 days before discovery. Identifying a breach in less than 30 days reduces the average breach costs by $1 million. Outsourcing proactive threat hunting provides peace of mind, knowing experts are regularly checking to ensure no attackers are dwelling in your network and stealing information.


Advanced Threat Hunting

Experienced threat hunters search your network for signs of anomalous behavior to ensure attackers are not hiding in your network.

Easy-to-Read Results

Our detailed reports include an executive summary, prioritized findings, remediation recommendations and the raw alert information.

Free 30-day Software Trial

Our proactive threat hunting service includes a free 30-day license for Carbon Black Response software in your facility.

LMG’s experienced practitioners will examine your network for signs of compromise, including:

  • Encoded PowerShell commands
  • Evidence of malicious executables
  • Command-and-control traffic
  • Communication involving malicious domains
  • Abnormal process forking
  • Suspicious child processes
  • Behavioral abnormalities
  • Indicators of compromise
  • And more

For more information on our proactive threat hunting packages, please contact us.