Risk Reduction Package

Cybersecurity is continuously evolving, and many companies are struggling to determine how to prioritize their cybersecurity solutions. Let us do the heavy lifting for you. Our risk reduction package can quickly and easily reduce your risk, without overburdening your internal team!

One-Stop Shopping for Risk Reduction

Defend against hackers and meet third-party requirements quickly, without breaking the bank. Our risk reduction package gets you started with affordable technologies that are proven to deliver substantial risk reduction. If you install nothing else, these are the technologies you should have. 

Our Risk Reduction Package includes: 

You can also customize your package with these popular add-ons: 

What’s Included in the Risk Reduction Package?

LMG Security partners with industry leaders to offer a curated selection of the best and most effective cybersecurity solutions on the market. Our solutions are offered as implementation only or as a managed program. 

LMG Security’s Risk Reduction Package services include: 

  • Implementation and integration services. Our cybersecurity experts will ensure that your new solutions are seamlessly integrated with your existing cybersecurity program and tools. This takes the burden off your internal team, avoids misconfiguration errors, and ensures your implementation follows the latest cybersecurity best practices.  
  • Regular configuration reviews. Our experts check your solutions for any changes, patching needs, and security changes. They work as an extension of your internal team to offer timely updates and expert advice. 
  • Exclusive Monthly Emerging Threat Updates. Stay ahead of cybercriminals. Join our live monthly emerging threat update (or catch it on-demand), to get a fast, efficient summary that keeps you current on the latest threats and mitigation strategies. 
  • Reliable protection that fits within your budget.  

The LMG Difference

Using LMG Security’s Risk Reduction Package will simplify your life while strengthening your organization’s cybersecurity. You’ll receive:  

  • Curated solutions selected by cybersecurity experts to ensure you get a strong, scalable solution that works well with your existing environment.
  • Implementation services, testing, and advice from cybersecurity experts. We help ensure your implementation meets or exceeds all cybersecurity best practices and seamlessly integrates with your solution stack.  
  • Effective configuration to ensure your solution is secure and easy-to-use.  
  • Faster installation and a reduced burden on your internal team (who are probably already overcommitted).  
  • Trained and experienced deployment consultants. 
  • Access to additional services such as user training and support.  

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Our experienced team can quickly reduce your cybersecurity risk and save your team the burden and headaches of implementing new technologies. Contact us to learn more.