Weaponar: How I Met Your Printer

Hacker interacting with a printer

Often on penetration tests we encounter printers. Lots of printers. The smarter the printer the more likely we’ll gain access to your entire organization by making it do things that will make your IT admins gasp in fear! Come watch as we demonstrate how you too can get your printers to give up all of its secrets. Along the way, we’ll provide tips for stopping hackers at every stage.


Tom Pohl
Penetration Testing Team Manager & Senior Cybersecurity Consultant
LMG Security

Tom is a seasoned hacker and the winner of many hacking competitions including Wild West Hackin’ Fest, Circle City Con, THOTCON, BSidesLV, and DEFCON. Tom is a seasoned presenter at major security conferences such as DEFCON, BSidesLV, CornCon, and SecDSM and he has led technical training classes for many organizations. In addition, Tom also discovered several vulnerabilities that have been covered in a number of major industry publications. Tom leverages his wealth of experience to support LMG Security’s customers as the Penetration Testing Team Manager and a Senior Cybersecurity Consultant. Prior to working for LMG, Tom was the head of software architecture at Businessolver for nearly 20 years..