Summer Hacking Update

What are the hottest issues in cybersecurity right now? We’ll discuss new exploits and cutting-edge security research from the Black Hat 2021 and DEFCON conferences, including:

  • The “Hybrid” conference model and why it might change large events permanently
  • How the remote work landscape has evolved, for better or worse
  • The rise, and fall, of the world’s most notorious ransomware groups
  • The explosion of mass vulnerability and supply chain attacks
  • New advanced exploits and how hackers can use them to break through your defenses

We’ll discuss the highlights, what they mean for you, and what your organization can do to defend itself against an increasingly complex and dangerous digital landscape.


Matt Durrin
LMG Security

Matt manages the incident response and R & D teams at LMG Security. He is an instructor at the international Black Hat USA conference, where he teaches classes on ransomware and data breaches. He regularly conducts cybersecurity webinars and seminars for hundreds of attendees in all sectors, including banking, retail, health care, government and more. A seasoned forensics professional, Matt specializes in incident response, ransomware cases, cryptojacking, and banking trojans. Matt holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of Montana and previously worked as a “blue team” field technician/system administrator for over 10 years. His malware research was recently featured on NBC Nightly News.