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Audience Awards Film + Innovation Festival screens the best short films in the world and engages female leaders. Our online film festivals receive over 1,600 films a month. With the help of a global audience and fabulous jurors the short films submitted are narrowed down to the absolute best. We then screen the BEST short films at our live film festival, which is in Missoula, MT this year. We curate 25+ powerhouse female leaders to deliver talks on investing in women, entertainment, brand and culture, education and politics.

Over four days this coming December, we will screen 100 films and engage in two high impact days. Imagine that! 100 mind-blowing short films + 25 innovative speakers! Our film festival track screens short films from a multitude of genres: Adventure, Animation, Horror, Wild & Green, Music, Social/Political, LGBTQ, Shorty Shorts, Experimental, Faith & Spirituality, Documentary, Music & Dance, Live Action, Comedy, and Love. Each block at the festival supports a nonprofit to make an impact through film. 16 blocks supporting 16 local non-profits. It’s our impact initiative!


2:00 to 2:30

Lightning & Thunder Talks with EmPowered Women

  • Racene Friede – Glacier Country/Executive Director/CEO

  • Susan Hay Patrick – United Way of Missoula County/CEO

  • Sherri Davidoff – LMG/CEO

  • Diane Smith – Aurora Entertainment