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At LMG Security, we’re passionate about making your cybersecurity program as effective and efficient as it can be. We have industry leaders with deep expertise to ensure you receive cutting-edge cybersecurity guidance and services. Our team speaks and trains IT teams at major global conferences, and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Today Show, New York Times & others. Find out more about our four key service areas:

Our goal is to help you Achieve Nothing™—no data breaches, no compliance issues, and no computers compromised – just business as usual. Contact our team today!

Penetration Testing

Find your vulnerabilities before the hackers do. LMG Security’s world-class expert penetration testers put your systems to the test to identify vulnerabilities, discover the gaps in your current security solutions, and exemplify the risk these create for your organization.

Annual penetration testing is an important component of your organization’s cybersecurity. Our team will ensure you get an accurate understanding of your vulnerabilities, expert analysis of your risk, and actionable insights and recommendations to improve your cybersecurity. Contact us to have our penetration testing team find your security gaps before a criminal turns them into a data breach.

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Cybersecurity Solutions

Get the experts to select and install cybersecurity solutions for you—LMG Security is a one-stop shop for proactive cybersecurity services. 

With LMG Security, you can rest easy knowing that your cybersecurity solutions are configured for optimal security and are seamlessly integrated with your other systems.

We help you strengthen your organization’s cybersecurity, meet compliance needs, and reduce your risks of a data breach.  

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Discover the many ways LMG Security can help your organization.

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We host and attend events throughout the year. You can find us teaching classes at Black Hat, speaking at an InfoSec meeting, or offering an online or regional Cyber First Responder or Ransomware Response class. Check back frequently for more information and learn when we’ll be in your area next.

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How I Met Your Printer
Location: Des Moines, Iowa
Time: 4:00pm - 6:00pm CST
New Trends in Cyber Incident Response
Location: Online
Time: 12:00pm - 1:00pm MST
Penetration Testing for IT Pros: One Day Class
Location: Online


Our clients benefit from the relationships that LMG has built with leaders in a variety of industries. We team up with insurance providers, law firms, network security hardware and software manufacturers, and other consultants to bring you the very best quality service.

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