Vendor Vetting of Your Partners & Suppliers

Customer Cybersecurity Inquiry Response

Third-Party Risk Evaluation

Letter of Attestation to Share With Third Parties


Our expert team will conduct a thorough cybersecurity review of your third-party supply chain vendors or partners and make recommendations on how to reduce the risks to your data and operations. LMG Security will:

  • Conduct client interviews for vendor context and risk analysis
  • Request and review vendor/partner contracts or SLAs
  • Follow-up with vendors/partners to obtain information for risk review and analysis
  • Deliver a summary risk report for each vendor reviewed
  • Make recommendations to reduce your supply chain cybersecurity risk


Many organizations are now facing customer requests for comprehensive cybersecurity posture analysis as part of supply chain or third-party security initiatives. These requests can be detailed, daunting and time-consuming! LMG Security can:

  • Evaluate and identify any gaps in your existing processes and procedures
  • Provide prioritized recommendations for addressing any gaps
  • Conduct client requested technical testing and risk analysis
  • Offer cybersecurity program development guidance to align with client requests
  • Respond to client cybersecurity vetting inquiries
  • Develop common vendor vetting policy documentation
  • Send your clients an attestation letter summarizing your security posture after program review and technical testing

LMG Security offers a wide array of custom supply chain security consulting services that can reduce your headaches and supplement your internal team with expert resources. Whether you need guidance on developing strong cybersecurity policies, advice on prioritizing risk remediation or ongoing support replying to vendor vetting inquiries, our expert team can help! Contact us to learn more.