Cybersecurity Awareness
Training for Employees

LMG provides several options for cybersecurity awareness training for employees. We offer easy, online training portals with customized learning paths, monthly educational materials, and onsite customized training for all employees, Board of Directors, and technical teams., Our cybersecurity awareness training programs ensure your employees have the skills to be an effective “human firewall.”


Online Cybersecurity Awareness Training Portal

Online Cybersecurity Awareness Training Portal

Live Online Training

Live Online Training

Monthly Cybersecurity Awareness Package

Monthly Cybersecurity Awareness Package


Today’s cybercriminals are relentless, and the costs of ransomware, exposure extortion, and business email compromise are creating financial and reputation damage. Train your employees to avoid cybersecurity traps. Sharpen their minds and enhance their skills with LMG’s cutting-edge live onsite or virtual customer training. These sessions will be customized to your needs and offer your team a chance to get their questions answered by cybersecurity experts. This can also help you meet regulatory requirements and industry standard best practices for routine cybersecurity awareness training for employees. Security awareness topics include:

  • Phishing
  • Physical Security
  • Password Habits
  • Data Disposal
  • Mobile Security
  • Social Media Security
  • Safe Web Browsing
  • Cloud Storage
  • Encryption
  • Advanced IR Training on Ransomware Response and Incident Response
  • Executive and BOD Training and much more!

We’re also happy to create customized training topics to suit your needs.


Phishing attacks are one of the top causes of a data breach. Training your employees to counter these types of attacks can substantially reduce your risks of financial, data and reputation damage.

LMG Security offers a turn-key portal with customized learning paths that we design for your unique needs using the KnowBe4 platform. Many organizations don’t get the most from their training because there are not sure where to focus and they don’t have the time to configure, track, and administer the program. LMG’s expert team provides you with a plan for customized cybersecurity awareness training for employees and manages the process every step of the way. When you enroll your employees, you’ll receive:

  • A training assessment to build a customized training plan
  • A training advisor who creates learning plans, enrolls your users, administers the program, and tracks your employee results
  • Access to thousands of short, online cybersecurity training videos, available on-demand throughout the year
  • Quizzes to assess learning
  • Reports of employee performance

Monthly Cybersecurity Leadership Training Package

If you are looking to provide cybersecurity educational materials to your clients, community, or partners without using a training portal, we also offer monthly training packages. We select one topic per month and provide:

  • An educational article, tip sheet, and video that you can share with your community by email, and post on your website or in your community portal.
  • Social media, newsletter, and email templates to simplify your distribution!

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