Cyber Attack
Detection and
Response Testing

How effective is your cyber attack detection and response program? Find out! Modern organizations are constantly under attack. Criminals are running port scans, developing new exploits, and targeting new vulnerabilities daily. We help you build a stronger security posture by testing how long it takes for your team to detect and report increasingly aggressive attack activity.


How long it takes your network monitoring team to detect and report attacks

Which attacks are automatically blocked

If your monitoring and intrusion prevention services match your organization’s policies, goals or predefined Service Level Agreements (SLAs)


A Customized Attack Plan

Prior to testing, we meet with your team to understand your specific needs and goals. Then, we design a testing schedule and attack plan for your approval.

Real-World Testing Designed for Your Needs

LMG’s attack detection and response testing will emulate an attacker’s activities. Our methodical, timed, testing can include reconnaissance, vulnerability scanning activities and exploitation attempts (as appropriate). Throughout the testing process, we will keep meticulous, time-based records of the simulated “attacker” activities for post-test analysis.

Analysis that Enhances Overall Security

We provide a post-mortem report and debriefing interview to commend your team on their successes, as well as provide specific feedback on how to enhance your response capabilities. Our time-based testing records can be correlated with your internal detection, escalation and remediation activities to analyze how effectively your team recognizes the patterns of events that may indicate compromise.


Our detailed reports include an executive summary, overview of findings and recommendations to help you build stronger network defenses. LMG’s experienced team will provide:

  • A test design and schedule for your approval
  • A post-mortem working session with your team to provide positive training and guidance
  • A detailed report that includes:
    • Executive summary
    • Overview of findings
    • Detailed methodology
    • Detailed technical findings, prioritized according to risk level
    • Recommendations for detection and response improvements

At LMG we believe in holistic security. We can also perform attack detection and response testing in conjunction with our external penetration testing for broader vulnerability management across the entire network.

For more information on our cyber attack detection and response services, please contact us.