Virtual Private Cloud
Security Assessment

Your virtual private cloud (VPC) is convenient, but is it secure? Get expert help evaluating and securing your VPC. At LMG Security, we specialize in securing your cloud environment, fast.


Our team of experts will rapidly assess the security of your VPC environment and provide practical recommendations for security. This in-depth assessment will include a multilayer technical test, review of security controls and delivery of detailed findings and recommendations.

Your VPC Assessment will include:

  • Port scans (internal cloud and external)
  • Vulnerability scans (internal cloud and external)
  • Manual examination and technical testing of systems within the VPC (if desired)
  • VPC administrative controls
  • Security Groups
  • Access Control Lists (ACLs)
  • Security Automation Configuration
  • Monitoring and logging assessment
  • Interview with security staff responsible for managing the VPC environment


You will receive a report which includes:

  • Executive Summary
  • Methodology
  • Top Risks
  • Remediation Matrix
  • Detailed Technical and Non-Technical Findings
  • Recommendations, along with Links and Resources

In addition, all clients can receive:

  • Automated vulnerability scanner results
  • A Letter of Attestation that provides a high-level description of project scope, methodology, and findings, suitable for release to third parties (upon request)

To learn more about this service, please contact us.