Incident Response
and Forensic Analysis

Experiencing a security breach? LMG Security’s expert team can handle all aspects of detection, triage and response, so you can get back to business. A fast, experienced incident response team can save you money by minimizing losses. Call us now at +1-855-LMG-8855 or use our incident contact form:

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Expert Incident Response and Forensic Analysis Help, Fast

Get fast and effective help, including:

Professional Project Management

Investigation & Response

Threat Hunting


If you need assistance, please contact us at +1-855-LMG-8855 or use our incident contact form.

We Help You Minimize Losses and Get Back to Business as Usual

Get expert help to minimize losses and speed recovery. LMG’s fast, friendly, IR team will help you triage the incident, preserve evidence, determine how a breach occurred, and quickly recover. Our services include:

  • Data breach triage, investigation and incident response
  • Ransomware Remediation & Decryption
  • Ransomware Negotiation & Payment
  • Malware infection triage and remediation
  • Legal and cyberinsurance coordination
  • Forensic preservation and expert witness services
  • Incident response policy gap analysis
  • Breach prevention planning & playbooks
  • Incident Response Retainer

An EXPERIENCED Incident Response and Forensic Analysis Team

If something happens, we’re here to help! LMG Security’s Incident Response Team will manage your cybersecurity incident and handle any forensic preservation, analysis or expert testimony needs. 

Are you experiencing a ransomware incident? Contact us for fast, friendly support. If you are an existing Platinum IR Retainer client, your contract includes 24/7 support – please call the emergency number on your contract.

Need immediate actionable steps for any type of breach? Check out:

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