Password Manager
Implementation Services

Say goodbye to poor passwords that can cause a data breach. A password manager is a simple, affordable way to increase your security. Our team takes care of your password manager implementation and ensures that it is optimally configured to meet business needs and security best practices. 

LMG Security’s Password Manager Implementation Services Include:

Needs Assessment & Recommendation

Implementation Services by Cybersecurity Experts

Integration and Testing

Why Should Your Organization Use a Password Manager?

Did you know that 82% of breaches involved a human element, and over 60% of those attacks were the result of phishing?

Humans can only remember so much information. All too often we work with clients that experience a data breach because an employee reused one password for multiple systems. When that employee was the victim of a successful phishing attack, the criminal used that one password to access multiple environments. 

Prevent this from happening to your organization. A good password manager generates and securely stores each password in an encrypted vault; this ensures your team members won’t need to re-use passwords and the suggested passwords are usually stronger than what most people create.  

The Advantages of Using LMG Security’s Password Implementation Services

LMG’s experts will make your password manager deployment quick, easy and secure. Your passwords are the keys to your kingdom; ensure that you are taking advantage of key security features and aligning with industry-standard best practices. Using LMG Security’s password implementation services will simplify your life while strengthening your organization’s cybersecurity. You’ll receive: 

  • Implementation services, testing, and advice from cybersecurity experts. We help ensure your implementation meets or exceeds all cybersecurity best practices and seamlessly integrates with your solution stack. 
  • Effective configuration to ensure your solution is secure and easy-to-use. 
  • Faster implementation and a reduced burden on your internal team (who are probably already overcommitted) 
  • Access to additional services such as user training and support. 

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Using LMG Security’s password manager implementation services is a quick, easy way to reduce your organization’s risk of a data breach. Contact us to discuss how quickly and easily you can be up and running using LMG Security’s password manager implementation services.