By Staff Writer at LMG Security   /   Apr 10th, 2014

Heartbleed Vulnerability - Do I need to worry? | LMG Security

On April 7th a major vulnerability to the popular cryptographic library OpenSSL, called the Heartbleed vulnerability, was revealed and a lot of companies were left wondering, “How does this affect me?”

Cryptographic libraries are used in the creation of secure services, such as secure web browsing and secure email or a VPN. So, most likely your answer to this question will be, “Yes, I will be affected if I provide secure services that face the Internet.”

As of now, there are no known published exploits that take advantage of this flaw, so a reasonable course of action is to protect yourself from external risk by patching systems that face the Internet right away, and then patch any systems inside your network as soon as is practical. To find out more about the vulnerability, visit, or contact LMG Security.