By Staff Writer at LMG Security   /   Aug 9th, 2017

LMG Security's Hackers Recap Black Hat and Defcon

Black Hat & Defcon: The Hacker Perspective


The past week has been dominated by recaps and reviews of the 2017 Black Hat and Defcon conferences in Las Vegas. As part of LMG Security’s Achieve Nothing web series, we sat down with two of our expert pen testers to get a more technical break down of the topics covered at the conventions this year.


Watch below to get their expert perspective on the conventions and see them geek out on all things Black Hat & Defcon!




Here at LMG Security, we say a perfect day in cybersecurity is a day when nothing bad happens. We’ve created the Achieve NOTHING™ series to help organizations get there. We work hard to make sure nothing happens. Which is exactly what you want to see, isn’t it?


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