By Staff Writer at LMG Security   /   Jun 20th, 2012

Compete to Win a Blackhat Black Card!!

Over at we are running a puzzle called “Puzzle #10: PaulDotCom Goes Off the Air“.  It’s a great puzzle with a great story, and best of all the winner of the contest gets a Blackhat Black Card!  What is this prize you ask?  Well, first it proves that you are super 1337.  Second, it allows you FREE* entrance to one Blackhat briefing conference (*Briefings only) over the next two years.  The value is insane, and we are very thankful to the folks at Blackhat for providing this prize.

So! Sharpen your forensics tools and get cracking at Puzzle #10: PaulDotCom Goes Off the Air. Rules and everything you need to succeed are also available at the provided link.



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